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Assessment & Reporting Schedule 2022/2023

Assessment Booklet

 GCSE, AS & A LEVEL REFORMS IN ENGLAND - Highcrest's Presentation to Parents 9-11-2016

Years 7 & 8

The Highcrest Academy tracks pupil progress in relation to their eventual expected GCSE target grade.

We use a flat flight path for assessment, this allows us to monitor a pupils progress in relation to their expected grades. We have reversed engineered grade boundaries across all subjects and adapted mark sheet assessment to be bespoke per year group using Grades 1-9. This allows us to easily identify under performance and excelled achievement.

Pupils are given expected target grades based on their Key stage 2 performance. These are used as our 'expected' grades that will stay will the pupil for their duration of time at the academy. These can be changed depending on pupil performance levels. 

Please see the department assessment document links.

Year 9

We use Year 9 as a bridge to close gaps in learning and develop core GCSE skills.  This is then refined to GCSE content in Years 10 and 11.  Pupils in Year 9 have the opportunity to study a wide breadth of subjects incorporating core skills.  This is supported with learning experiences in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

NB. The Academy is currently undertaking a review process of KS3 with all stakeholders in accordance with guidance from the DfE.

Year 10

GCSE grades (9 to 1) are given as ‘working at levels’; this is averaged from teacher grades across the year and is reported on for all Parents' Evenings.  These grades are live current working levels that are used to track pupil progress.   

Year 11

All courses use 9-1 grades, comparisons between expected grades and working at levels are used to report to parents.  In addition to this, there are two mock examination periods that are also published and used to organise intervention and track progress.

Year 12 & 13

GCE (A Level) grades (A* to E) or BTEC Pass/Merit/Distinction are given as ‘working at levels’; this is averaged from teacher grades across the year and is reported on for all Parents' Evenings.  These grades are live current working levels that are used to track pupil progress.   

Attitude to Learning

Every half term pupils are given an Attitude to Learning grade (ATL) that focuses on their participation and engagement within lessons.  This is reported home to parents half termly and pupils are rewarded for continued excellence.

This is graded 1 to 4 with 4 being the lowest.

1 = Outstanding: Works independently and demonstrates high levels of ambition, purpose and resilience. All students should aspire to achieve this.

2 = Good: Demonstrates ambition, purpose and resilience.

3 = Below Expected: Must aspire to make the most of all learning opportunities.

4 = Inadequate: Attitude to learning is a concern and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.


At Highcrest we challenge every student…

The Highcrest Academy is fully comprehensive in every sense of its meaning. We pride ourselves on our diverse intake and we are unique in welcoming a balanced range of pupils from all abilities which is representative of the community. Indeed, to recognise our work in this area, we were reaccredited for the fifth consecutive year, with the Flagship Inclusion Quality Mark in March 2019. This award is only achieved if all pupils of all abilities are stretched to perform to their maximum.

Furthermore, we challenge every student no matter what their perceived ability and in 2017 we were awarded the NACE Challenge Award for our commitment to challenging both our ‘Higher Prior Attainers’, our ‘Most’ Able’ learners and our ‘More Able’ learners. Our excellent inclusive practice was also identified in Ofsted’s Annual Report 2016.

High Prior Attainment (HPA)

Our Higher Prior Attainers are those students who arrive at Highcrest on grade 5+ based on their KS2 tests in English and Mathematics. This group of students is irrevocable and students will continue to be our HPA cohort throughout their time with us.

Most Able (MA)

At Highcrest, every subject area also defines its ‘Most Able’ students based on a combination of their starting points and test scores on arrival at the academy. In subject areas in which setting takes place, these students will usually be in the top set. This group of students will naturally have high levels of autonomy and academic productivity and, in turn, teachers will plan personalised schemes of work to continuously challenge them. This group can change dependent on the child’s performance in each separate subject over their time with us.

More Able

Our ‘More Able’ are our top 20% highest performers in every teaching class and are not linked to setting.

Click here to view our programme for HPA, More Able and Most Able Students.