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The Business curriculum will develop students into enterprising individuals who have the ability to think commercially, creatively and are able to make informed business decisions and solve business problems. Throughout the course, Business students will develop into critical and reflective thinkers. They will be aware of contemporary issues and the changing business environment and will be able to construct well-evidenced and well-balanced arguments and, where appropriate, will be able to interpret data to strengthen arguments within business.


Success of the curriculum will be measured by the number of Year 8 students who opt to study Business at GCSE and NCFE as well as the results of students leaving Year 11 and Year 13. A successful curriculum should enthuse and engage students, allowing them to discuss business issues and current affairs. These might include students taking a keen interest in changes in society, technology, government, the economic climate and international trade. Business students will participate and lead on enterprise activities around the academy, such as the Tenner Project for Year 7, and the Young Enterprise Programme. Taking part in Business at The Highcrest Academy, both in class and around the academy, should result in students continuing to study Business at Sixth Form and Higher Education.

Staff in this department are committed to

  • Encouraging pupils to take an interest in current news and events.
  • Giving pupils an appreciation of the importance of business and economics locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Supporting students in all aspects of their learning to achieve their potential;
  • Enabling students to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Encouraging students to become purposeful team members and to help students be successful in their chosen courses

Students in KS3 follow a programme of study which is adapted to suit the needs of all learners and progress is mapped through all three years.

Courses offered at KS4 and KS5

Vocational BTEC Qualifications in Business at Level 2 and Level 3, NCFE  L1/2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise and Edexcel GCSE Business.

Business Subjects KS4, KS5

Business is an important area as the subject is relevant to every facet of life.

It provides students with key experiences and allows them to learn a host of different skills which are transferable in the working world of business and across the school curriculum, giving the students a truly balanced education in the disciplines.

Business is a popular subject within the Academy with a large number of our students studying Business at Sixth Form. Both the NCFE and BTEC courses demand a high level of engagement and dedication. With your subject teachers you will experience numerous business concepts that are used by small organisations right through to multinational organisations. Through this enriching curriculum you will experience what it takes to own, run and be part of a business environment.

KS4 Scheme of work, useful resources & Web links - click here (Password Protected)


KS5 Scheme of work, useful resources & Web links - click here (Password Protected)