The Highcrest Academy



Our curriculum will inspire students to develop the creative and personal skills in a variety of disciplines whilst building and developing vital life skills such as confidence, team work, empathy, independence, appreciation, co-operation, creativity, communication, critical thinking and resilience. In our lessons, students will tackle challenging issues in a practical, safe environment whilst promoting SMSC values in a fun learning environment. Indeed, Drama is often associated with play, and our students will learn to understand that this act of ‘play’ is an important element of our young people’s learning; it is playful in that it draws on and develops young people’s aptitude for learning about themselves and has significance in understanding the diversity of cultural contexts and ensuring our curriculum makes the greatest difference in the lives of our students.  


We look at the basic Drama techniques which will be used throughout KS3.

Students will spend time practising social skills and learning to work as part of a group. They will develop basic performance skills and learn how to create drama and evaluate their own work.
We complete six units looking at how to use the Drama skills in a practical way.  Darkwood Manor, The Journey, Shakespeare, monologues, script work and a whole group performance.

Yr 7 Drama Club will start in the Autumn Term.

There is at least one assessment per term.


Building upon the skills learnt in the previous year the Year 8s will study different styles of theatre:

  • Comedy

  • Bullying

  • ‘Sparklesharke’

  • Dramatic Structure

  • Greek Theatre

  • Brecht

There is at least one assessment per term.


Using the knowledge gained from the previous two years the Year 9s look at Drama in relation to the GCSE specification, giving students a feel of what drama will be like in GCSE.

They also study how Drama is used for different audiences. We also look at stimuli and explore different issues through the medium of Drama while also introducing different Drama practioners.
There are at least two assessments before they decide on their options.


We have chosen OCR Drama because it has:

  • A practical approach to assessment – There’s a high percentage of practical assessment in the non-examined assessment and a single portfolio assessment for students.
  • More choice – We offer a rigorous and comprehensive production option through separate marking criteria for the designer role.

There are three components:

  • Devising Drama Component: 01 
    Students will create their own devised performance based on a chosen stimulus from the exam board stimulus paper. In addition to the performance, students will be marked on an accompanying portfolio with evidence of the process and decisions made whilst creating and developing their performance. 
  • Presenting and Performing Texts Component: 02 
    Students will take part in a showcase, demonstrating their chosen skills in a live performance. Students will perform in or design for two performances from one text. Students will be required to produce an accompanying document which outlines their intentions for and approach to the performance showcase. 
  • Drama: Performance and Response Component: 03 
    This component requires students to study text and performance. For Section A, students study one performance text in detail from a set list given by the exam board. This section of the paper will contain questions which require short and medium length answers. It assesses students’ knowledge and understanding of how drama is developed and performed. In Section B, students will be required to analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance they have seen using accurate subject-specific terminology.

KS5 – BTEC National Level 3 Performing Arts Acting:

Students will work on the premise that they are their own theatre company. 

Students will do a number of live performances to a chose audience both in the Drama studio and the main hall.

Units covered:

  • Theatre for Children
  • Theatre with mask
  • Clowning
  • Auditions for actors
  • Principles of Acting
  • Performing to an audience
The Drama department in collaboration with the other departments in the HME will put on a Christmas show and a summer showcase.

Extra Curricular:

  • Shakespeare School festival in autumn term.
  • Christmas Showcase
  • Spring Showcase (Talent Show)
  • Whole School musical
  • Drama Clubs throughout the Year.