The Highcrest Academy

30 Day Challenge


I am pleased to be writing to you to confirm that our annual “30 Day Challenge” will soon be upon us, with this year’s challenge straight after the half term break.

The challenge will start on Monday 20 February and run for a period of 30 school days through to the final day of the half term on Friday 31 March.

To successfully complete the challenge, students must meet the following criteria:

  • 100% attendance
  • Perfect punctuality to both school and lessons
  • Only positive behaviour points on Go4Schools for the 30-day period
  • Fully equipped for every lesson, every day

Students (and their parents/carers) will be informed if their child has successfully completed the challenge when we return to school after the Easter break. Those students that have been successful will then decide upon an appropriate award of their choice.  Last year, students chose to have a day off timetable in non-uniform, playing sport, watching movies on the big screen and playing board and card games, whilst feasting on snacks in the main hall.  This year we will offer similar but will also be hiring some inflatables which will be on the field for all students to have fun on!

I hope to be reporting back with record numbers having passed the challenge!  If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone on 01494 529866 or email

Best of luck to all of our students!


Mr P Shaw
Assistant Headteacher