The Highcrest Academy

Our Core Routines

Our Expectations - Core Routines

We believe good discipline to be essential for learning to flourish. With this at the forefront of our minds, we have created a set of ‘Core Routines’ which every student is expected to follow. These routines stem from our values as we strive for excellence for all. It is very important that all staff and parents are familiar with our expectations of students, as this will enable us all to consistently support all students to make good choices and valuable contributions to our community. At The Highcrest Academy every student follows our core routines to ensure they can learn in a safe, positive and productive environment. ‘Core Lesson Routines’ help us reinforce both discipline and common courtesy. All students understand the importance of following these routines, which cover key disciplines integral to succeeding both at the academy and in later life. They include attendance, punctuality, manners, respect, uniform, equipment and participation.