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Parent Survey February 2022

Covid-19 Parent Survey: May 2020

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Covid-19 Student Survey: May 2020

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Parent Survey: April 2019

This year we received a record 415 responses to our annual survey, this number trebled the feedback we received last year!

As you can see from the table below, our annual Parent Survey results were once again very impressive. However, rather than rest on our laurels and be content at the high percentage of you who are happy with our provision, we would like to focus on those of you who are not currently 100% happy.

Therefore, if you are a parent who ticked any of the ‘Disagree’ boxes, we urge you to make contact with the member of our Leadership Team responsible for the particular area that you believe needs further improvement, and discuss your concerns with them. We strongly believe that by working in partnership with you, discussing your individual concerns, we can plan a way forwards together, to further improve our provision in every area.

We look forward to hearing from you.

October 2019 Update…

Thank you to those parents who responded to our request (above), to contact members of our Senior Leadership Team directly to discuss particular areas that you believe need further improvement. We know from feedback, both during and after these meetings, that all parties found this personalised process really beneficial.

Please remember, although this survey took place last academic year, it is never too late to get in touch with us and give us your constructive feedback.

We look forward to hearing from even more of you over the coming month.

Our Parents are very supportive of our school as can be seen by the results of the Parent Survey.

Whole School Parent Survey 2019