The Highcrest Academy

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch-up Premium

  • Intention - We intend to spend the grant on ensuring that pupils close gaps in learning through a possible range of actions including - Extra classes, Saturday school, targeted interventions in small groups and individually. In addition to this we are looking to focus a proportion of funding on our foundation curriculum both academically and pastorally. We appreciate that pupils will have learning gaps but will use the Summer school to hopefully close these particular social issue gaps.


  • Long term attainment and assessment - We will be assessing pupils both during lessons informally, but also at half termly intervals to assess progress. In addition, we will be evaluating our curriculum coverage and amending the course of study in relation to gaps in learning that are existing and emerging. We have started this process and will review once the end of year tests and CAT4 tests are complete through the turn of the academic year.