The Highcrest Academy

Highcrest Summer School 2021

During the last week of August 2021 we ran a five day Summer School for our incoming Year 7 students. We worked with an outside company to deliver four workshops per day providing enrichment activities linked to both the curriculum and to well-being.

The topics covered were: 

Between 60 and 72 students joined us each day, accompanied by our Learning Support Team who attended the workshops with them. There were opportunities to socialise during break and lunch and many friendships were formed over squash and biscuits or the hot meal provided by our canteen. The lunchtime menu was very popular with plenty of second helpings being served. We ensured that first aid was available and a member of the Senior Leadership Team was always present.

You will see from the photographs that the activities were very varied which resulted in all students engaging and experiencing new things.

Funding was provided by the Government’s Summer School Fund and the costs are outlined below: