The Highcrest Academy

Our Motto

‘Aspire & Achieve’

Our Vision

We work together, in a happy, caring and inclusive community, providing for students of all abilities, backgrounds and cultures, supporting their well-being and developing their characters, giving them every opportunity to aspire and achieve their unique academic and personal ambitions.


Our Virtues

We embody, role-model and teach our A-S-P-I-R-E virtues at every suitable opportunity, helping us to promote happiness and instill a culture of excellence that runs throughout every strand of our academy. 


To have a strong desire to achieve success


To have an           appreciation of others' feelings



To work with determination and resolve



To be honest and have strong  moral             principles



To show strength of character with an ability to recover quickly



To be fluent and persuasive when speaking or writing



Our Core Aims

To help our students ‘Aspire’ to and ‘Achieve’ their ultimate ambitions, our aim is to provide …. 

Quality of Education


An acutely personalised inclusive curriculum for students of all abilities that creates independent and autonomous learners who are physically, digitally and academically literate.

Behaviour and Attitudes


An environment in which students work in harmony, respecting each other’s rights and supporting one another in times of need, forging positive relationships and celebrating successes together.


Personal Development


Cohesive systems that support self-discovery and the development of character that ensures our students become healthy, confident and responsible citizens that make a valuable contribution to society.

Culture, Leadership & Management


A diverse, safe and happy community, where staff love to work, students love to learn and all are given the              opportunity to develop.


If you do these things …  if you Aspire … then you can, and you will, Achieve