The Highcrest Academy

Supporting all Abilities and Talents

The Highcrest Academy is fully comprehensive in every sense of its meaning. We are fully aware of the impact of our ‘all ability’ intake and have a setting arrangement to challenge the most able whilst maintaining our outstanding support to narrow the gap for those who may find some areas of school challenging. We pride ourselves on our diverse intake and we are unique in welcoming a balanced range of students from all abilities, which is representative of the community and allows us to offer progression to both academic and vocational routes, truly serving the needs of our students. Indeed, there are a vast range of intervention programmes that take place across all year groups, to support all abilities, ensuring that every student is able to experience and celebrate success. At Highcrest, we hold the NACE Challenge Award for our commitment to challenging our most able learners. These students are identified either during the admission process, from key stage two assessments and other relevant information provided by their respective primary schools, or from work they produce during the school year. All departments plan schemes of work and run specific projects, clubs and a variety of events to challenge this cohort of students who are also encouraged to take part in University taster days and work with our industrial links with worldwide corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Bosch. Some students will find their talents lie in subjects that lead to more vocational routes in Higher Education. We aim to meet the needs of these students by providing a strong academic core but allowing more open choices from Year 9 in all Technology and Arts subjects.


Some of our students will require additional support during their time at Highcrest. This cohort will benefit from LINC (Learning Inclusion) groups that have a higher teacher to student ratio and focus on developing core skills. Learning Support Assistants will either work alongside classroom teachers or withdraw small groups of students for additional personalised support. In addition, every student will receive careers information, advice and guidance. Indeed, to recognise our work in this area, we are proud holders of the prestigious, ‘Flagship Inclusion Quality Mark’, an award that is only achieved if all pupils of all abilities are stretched to perform to their maximum.